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This is a really cool concept. Got my brain ticking nicely.

Thank you so much! I know exactly what you mean, haha. :D


I'm not big brain enough for this 😄

But it's still really fun. I'm gonna use this to kill time when I'm bored. Great game!

Thank you so much!

Also I experienced it myself during testing: Your brain gets "bigger" (in terms of the thinking it takes to play this particular game well) over time. :D


It is a good game. The main mechanic is very original and the game has its own personality. Well done.

Thank you for playing and the kind words! Means a lot! :)

seems fun but i dont feel like learning it srry so much lovely gmame creator I lvveo you so m  jchn matepleas be Vhjappy caretadt and update game pls much love, me