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How u export Pico-8 into .exe game?

You just put "export gamename.bin" into the console and it'll export binaries for Windows, Linux und Mac. See:

This is very good news because it means that the console is getting "more serious", these games can now even be "sold".

Just give my dollar from russia!

Thank you very much! :)

this game is very cute and fun to play once i understood what I was doing, but initially it is very difficult to understand. The strayers don't look like enemies, and the cracked tiles are very complex. I know just how hard it is to explain a pico-8 game with such limited capacity for text so the PDF was helpful, but possibly some sprite changes and tile modifications would make this game easier to understand? overall very fun though! :)


Hey, thank you very much for playing and for the kinds words! :)

I agree the game ended up pretty complex in terms of how dense the mechanics are. Everything is quite tightly connected around a, at heart, simple form of input. Maybe some kind of interactive tutorial would be ideal, but I also hope with the early ranks being pretty easy you can kind of "stumble into" how things work and figure it out (maybe with help of the manual for some specifics).

Also I'm sure there's tons of potential for visual improvements, but unfortunately I'm probably as far from a visual artist as it gets. Any ideas or if you can think of someone willing to cooperate, let me know! :D