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Is that Heartstone but BLM?

All I can say is that this game is like a piece of candide.

I see what you did there! Thanks a lot! ;D

This is really fun! I'm interested to see how well it would translate into a purely physical game. The cards would be easy enough, and swaps/hp could be kept track on a piece of paper. However, I'm curious how the values at the top are generated. Is it a simple random number 10-20, or something more?

Thank you very much for the kind words! :)

The numbers are weighted a little bit depending on which one has been generated before. So basically a total value is generated first that doesn't surpass what you could reach with all cards from 2-10 revealed. Then up to 50% (randomly) of that total is assigned to one of the three values (chosen randomly), then up to 50% of the rest to the second and then the rest to the third one.


This is a fun timesink. The open-endedness is interesting, but I sort of wish there was some way for me to tell how well I was doing.

It seems like 10 is always the last card I open. I suppose that is unintended? Knowing this does make the game a lot easier, though.

Oh, that would indeed be unintended! I'll have to check.

Thank you for playing and glad you had fun with it! :)