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So you got sucked into a black hole! Again! By now you're used to it. It feels like you've been making a living in the midst of all this bizarre interdimensional nonsense forever. Although the whole folded space-time thing might cloud your perception. In any case, on to another silly adventure. You are the Black Hole Vagabond...

Face chaos itself in randomly generated arenas filled with tricky gadgets and deceptively quirky enemies.

Here are some of the things you can experience:

  • Exploding spike bombs whose spikes hit other bombs which then also explode
  • Moles digging holes into black holes and actually emerging again, somehow
  • Turrets that can be tricked into shooting their allies (or spike bombs that then... you know, things explode)
  • Killing things without carrying a gun (Is this even a video game?)
  • A ridiculously inconsistent art style to perfectly match the black hole fantasy

Fabian Fischer created the game in a personal game jam, as an attempt at an entirely movement-based arena action game without any direct combat interactions.

Website: https://ludokultur.de/
Twitter: @Ludokultur


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Nice tiny fast paced action games :-)

The indirect way of killing enemies, lure them next to a bomb or into a shot of the turret, keeps you always moving and thinking about your position. No boring camping and shooting/fighting from a save position.