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A tactical dungeon puzzler for the Playdate handheld!

In Crank Crawl you will be facing monster after monster in fierce duels! Luckily you brought with you a… weird slot-machine-like device that magically creates items out of thin air? Oh well, it has swords to smack ‘em with, wands to zap ‘em with, potions to quaff and all kinds of other stuff. Just crank the reels until the goodies pop out! Oh and if you manifest three of the same item in a row, their power will double, obviously! Now go get that loot!

Quick facts:

  • A randomized dungeon-crawling turn-based strategy game where you fight goblins, trolls, ninja ducks (uhm…) and other strange opponents!
  • An easy-to-understand but varied combat system inspired by set-collection drafting games and match-3 puzzles!
  • The only slot machine you’re actually in control of (which secretly makes it not so much of a slot machine at all)!
  • Between combats, rest up, train for your next fight or collect extra loot and find out how far you can push your luck!
  • Again, ninja ducks 🦆

Fabian Fischer created the game as a light-weight strategy game with relatively "casual" puzzle-like mechanics to fit the Playdate handheld’s restrictions, such as its monochrome display, small resolution and minimalist controls. At the same time, the game's reel-based variant of match-3 gameplay offers more plannability than usual to provide a long-term score-chasing challenge.

How to play?

This game is made for the Playdate handheld console! Please follow the sideloading instructions to get it on your device!


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

In order to download this Playdate game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:

CrankCrawl.pdx.zip 2 MB


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So, when I ordered my Playdate, I started browsing for games to make a wishlist. This was one of the games that I put on that list on Day One. I expected it to be a simple, fun, replayable adventure. And it is, but in a much better way than I expected. 

This one is worth it for sure. It's engaging while you're playing and it's arcade style makes it easy to dive into, play for a bit and then let go after you've done a run. 

Certainly one of the most fun arcade games I've played on the Playdate. 


Oh, thank you so much for this comment! Truly made my day! :)


Honestly, I kinda like it. A simple game for a dollar. That's pretty good


Interessante Idee mit viel Potential. Spielt sich flüssig und sieht gut aus!

Oh, vielen lieben Dank!

P.S. Schaue schon seit Jahren immer wieder gerne auf deinem YouTube-Kanal vorbei! :)

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Zoing - das ist ja ne nette Überraschung, freue mich! Werde Dein game dort bestimmt beim Review mal zeigen.


Nettes kleines Puzzel Spiel für zwischen durch.

Macht auf  jeden Fall Spaß.

Vielen lieben Dank! :D


Great game and simple to play. Fun crank mechanics too! Definitely recommend.

Thank you so much! So glad you enjoy the game! :)


Looks cool. Maybe I will give it a try!