The roguelike dungeon crawler where you're a billiard ball!

pure-fun roguelike dungeon crawler where you're a billiard ball making your way through randomly generated levels full of monster balls, traps, collectible power-ups and more!

Between levels, draft from a wide variety of 100+ items with game-changing effects (all of which are stackable) to find combos, build synergies and refine your playstyle!

Battle through 20 levels of difficulty, each one adding more challenging modifiers!

The full version features:

  • UNIQUE GAMEPLAY: Face physics-based billiard combat challenges tied together by a rogue-like run structure in a dungeon setting!
  • LONG-TERM REPLAYABILITY: Procedural dungeon layouts filled with randomized monsters, obstacles and power-ups combine with a large variety of 100+ items to draft from to ensure no two runs play the same!
  • RELENTLESS CHALLENGE: Climb through 20 difficulty levels, each one modifying the game to become more challenging!
  • GAME MODES: Play a full dungeon crawl in 20-30 minutes or condense your run to half the length with extra loot, or tackle a single-level raid for just a few minutes!
  • DAILY RUNS: Face a new gauntlet featuring a unique combination of run modifiers every single day!
  • SIMPLE CONTROLS: Pick-up-and-play controls make sure you’ll aim and shoot (via mouse or controller) within seconds!


  • Design & Code: Fabian Fischer (@Ludokultur)
  • Art & Animations: Victor Negreiro (@estivador)
  • Publishing: 2 Left Thumbs (@2_left_thumbs)

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Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
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AuthorFabian Fischer
Tagsbilliard, Dungeon Crawler, Indie, pool, Roguelike, Roguelite, Tactical, Turn-based, Turn-based Strategy

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