New "popular articles only" option & NL vs. Chat

Hi, time for another small (but potentially very fun) update!

Update: new "popular articles only" option

I added a toggle to the starting screen that, if activated, will prevent articles with less than 300 views (over the last 60 days) to show up in the game. So if you feel like you're running into too many zero-information duels like "village with 11 people" vs. "9th division footballer", you can now exclude the super low-numbers stuff.

Note that activating this option can sometimes lead to a couple seconds of loading if multiple articles have to be discarded in a row during the search. You usually won't notice this too much though, because as soon as you start a duel the game will preload the next one in the background already (the "skip duel" button might take a second or two to show up though).

Also note that the Daily Arena (can be launched from the settings menu btw) stays "vanilla" for now, i.e. anything goes.


In other news I'm thrilled that Northernlion has been playing the game on stream. It was super entertaining to watch and he seemed to be having a good time (he also did really well in arena mode)!

It was also cool to see how chat picked up on using the hotkeys Q, A, E, D (which were originally put in for accessibility reasons) to state their own guesses. Viewer raptorwords even ran an analysis on how good the chat's guesses were vs NL's and posted it on the subreddit. It's a fun read if you're looking for some trivia on the trivia!

That's it for today, stay safe everyone and thank you so much for checking out the game! Tell your friends! <3

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