WikiArena 1.0 is here!

Today's the day: WikiArena 1.0 is out on Steam!

As announced previously, the price for the downloadable versions has been adjusted accordingly (including the 10% launch week discount).

Compared to the previous version, there have been many fixes, tweaks and polish such as:

  • A tidied up options menu including an often requested setting to filter out disambiguation pages
  • A "safe mode" / data-saving option that won't download any article images
  • A bit of thinky background music and proper volume sliders
  • An optional "speedrun" timer

Additional (and only in the downloadable client versions) I managed to add a brand-new "STREAMER VS. TWITCH CHAT" mode. Viewers can vote for their answer via chat commands (e.g. "!WA Q" to vote for the left "longer" option) and play a "last one standing" format against the streamer similar to how you can play against the WikiBot solo. Tell your favorite streamers about this! :)

I hope you have a lot of fun with this new version! As usual if you have any feedback or encounter any issues, let me know!

And don't forget to tell your friends! :)

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