Tweaks, fixes & support for Spanish & French Wikipedia!

Hey folks!

The game has been getting quite a constant influx of new players over the last week which is very nice to see! I'm super grateful for the really positive comments and constructive feedback all around! This is what makes my indie dev heart beat! ❤️

Patch Notes

I just updated the browser version and all the downloadable builds:

  • Article excerpts are now brought to roughly equal length. Since excerpts are only taken from the first paragraph of an article, their length doesn’t necessarily implicate anything about the full article’s length (from my own testing it's actually only true ~55% of the time). However, a vast difference in excerpt length between the two articles just looked weird and many players assumed that this was like a broken "free guess".
  • Added support for articles from Spanish and French Wikipedia. Note that the UI will stay in English even if you select these languages for now. If you want to help translate the UI, let me know how to contact you in the itch comments or just get in touch directly via Twitter (@Ludokultur)! This is also true for any other language supported by Wikipedia btw!
  • Added a button that takes you to the support page. If you like the game, consider supporting its further development (it’ll stay pay-what-you-want) or tell your friends about it! For a tiny solo endeavor likes this one, anything helps immensely. I’m excited about every  single new player and I have many ideas for gameplay variations and further polish on my list!
  • Fixed an issue with the Mac version that prevented (some?) players from being able to open the app. Let me know if there are still problems! 🤞

More Streamer Fun

I'm very fortunate that the game has been picked up by a few more content creators, so I decided to put together a little "accolades supercut"!

Also if you're looking for a laugh (who isn't these days?), check out Northernlion pronouncing strange words he came across when streaming the game! Not saying other people would do any better, but the delivery is just extremly funny! :)

Until next time, enjoy the game and stay safe everyone!

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