New local 1v1 mode + 5 more languages!

Hi everyone! First of, thank you so much to anyone who played the game since the 1.0 launch! It's difficult getting any sort of visibility for indie games these days, so I'm thrilled about every new player and very grateful for the positive reception so far! :)

New features:

  • New game mode: local 1 VS 1  - challenge your friends to a Wiki duel! The mode is similar to the “VS WikiBot” mode but the “bot” answer in this case is controlled by the 2nd player (i.e. the 2nd guess click). There's also an flashing indicator showing whose turn it is.
  • Added 5 new Wikipedia languages (articles only) to choose from: Estonian, Hindi, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian. Let me know what other languages you’d like to see!


  • In the “VS Twitch” mode (available only in the downloadable client), the chat-controlled bot will now pick a random answer if no votes came in for a round (previously it always chose “Q”).
  • Fixed a crash bug that would occur when both articles had 0 views (shoutout to Paardhert who reported this one on the Steam forums).

Hope you'll enjoy these new features! Thank you for reading and, once again, for checking out my little game! <3

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