WikiArena is coming to Steam!

I'm incredibly excited to report that WikiArena will be coming to Steam this year and you can wishlist it right now!

The game will come with achievements and leaderboards on Steam, but I'm also working on a few more general updates. Any new features not dependent on the Steam platform will come to the version as well! For example:

  • The often requested setting to filter out disambiguation pages
  • A "safe mode" / data-saving option that won't download article images
  • An optional "speedrun" timer
  • A bit of thinky background music and proper volume sliders

Note that once the Steam version releases, the browser version will stay accessible, but the downloadable versions will match the (low, I promise) Steam price. Don't worry though, if you donated any amount of money previously, you'll still have full access to the game and all future updates (and my eternal gratitude of course).

That's it for today, stay tuned for more and maybe tell your Steam-centric friends about this! ;)

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