New update coming October 25th!

Another reminder that WikiArena is coming to Steam!

The demo is available already for Steam Next Fest. The full version will be out October 25th for $1.99!

The game will also be updated to the exact same version (except for Steam-dependent features like achievements and leaderboards) here on itch on the same day. The minimum price (for the downloadable versions) will also go to $1.99 at that point.

With the update, the game will receive another all-around polish pass. Highlights include:

  • A tidied up options menu including an often requested setting to filter out disambiguation pages
  • A "safe mode" / data-saving option that won't download any article images
  • A bit of thinky background music and proper volume sliders
  • An optional "speedrun" timer

Stay tuned and stay curious!

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