New Wiki languages: Dutch, Italian, Portuguese

I updated the web build and all downloadable versions with support for Dutch, Italian and Portuguese Wiki content! (If you want to help translate the UI by the way, let me know how to contact you in the itch comments or just get in touch directly via Twitter @Ludokultur!)

There was also a small hotfix last week after the announced update that, besides fixing a couple minor issues, brought the Daily Arena mode to the main mode selection menu to make it a bit more visible (so far it was hiding pretty well in the settings menu).

As always, thank you so much for playing! Consider supporting further development or get your friends to enter the WikiArena! :)

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Apr 05, 2022 58 MB
Apr 05, 2022 72 MB
Apr 05, 2022 68 MB
Apr 05, 2022
WikiArena.apk 63 MB
Apr 05, 2022

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